Cathy's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage
where you will find, light verse,
hot coffee, and soft music.

Spend a quiet moment
At my humble site.
Where all are always welcome
To visit, day or night.
coffee cup
Where you will find a place to rest
And all your cares release.
Take my hand in friendship
I offer you, God's Peace

All poems copyrighted material 1990. Poems may
only be reproduced with permission of the author.

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It's time for a nice hot cup of coffee

So grab a , sit by the and let's visit,
but be sure to come back for a refill

St. Jude and Me


A House A Home Bewildered Love
Big Shoes To Fill A Widow's Creed
Gone, But Not Forgotten If Only In A Dream
The Lord Is In Control The Soul Of Depression
None But The Grieving Know A Wearied Mother's Prayer
When Friendship Fades

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Methodist Cemetery, Westerville, Ohio
Methodist Cemetery, Westerville, Ohio
A Forgotten Tombstone
The Star Spangled Banner
Concord Hymn
Paul Caliendo


Stroll through my
garden of memories
Feel free to pluck
a rose along the way
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